Troubleshooting a Commercial Refrigeration Problem

Cooling problems will disrupt business in your Naples, FL commercial company. Inventory, customer loyalty, employee morale, and profits can all suffer. Commercial refrigeration annual maintenance is the key to preventing breakdowns. Troubleshooting skills are helpful too, especially if they save you a commercial refrigeration repair.

Compressor Problems

Compressors circulate refrigerant through your system. They should be cleaned every 90 days. Check the compressor for dirt and dust buildup, and clean it if necessary. If the compressor is making any unusual noises, have it professionally serviced.

Limited Cool Air

Insufficient cool air could be caused by a number of things:

  • Too little space between the refrigerator and the wall can block airflow.
  • Look for a tight seal around the door. If the gasket is loose, install a new one.
  • Check the thermostat for proper operation. If the reading seems incorrect, check the temperature with a thermometer. If the reading is still off, the thermostat probably needs replacement.
  • Inspect the condenser coils. They should be cleaned regularly to prevent cooling problems.

Power Problems

Make sure the unit is turned on and that it’s properly plugged in. Inspect the cord for damage. If those things check out, the outlet wiring may be bad. A voltage detector can tell you whether there’s voltage in the outlet.

Icy Buildup

If you notice any frosty buildup, turn the unit off so the ice can melt. Examine the evaporator coil for dirty buildup and clean it off if necessary. Ensure that the drain line is clear. If only one part of the evaporator coil has frost, it could indicate a low refrigerant charge. Frozen coils can also reflect a pressure problem requiring immediate professional help.

At Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, our commercial refrigeration maintenance plans can make your life easier. Call us at (239) 785-2149 for commercial refrigeration repair.

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