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How to Help Your Air Conditioner Keep Its Cool All Summer

The icy blast of an air conditioner on a hot day is an incredibly refreshing feeling. Unfortunately, the long and sticky summers in Bonita Springs, Florida can be hard on your cooling system. The good news is there are plenty of ways you can lend your AC a helping hand. Here are three surefire methods for boosting your air conditioner performance and increasing your comfort during the hottest days.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner System

Simply put, your air conditioner will take care of you as long as you take care of it. For starters, check the HVAC filter regularly and swap in a fresh one whenever it appears dirty. Clean your air vents and keep them unobstructed as well. To maximize your system’s cooling potential, it’s also important to schedule an HVAC maintenance visit at least once per year. Setting up a tune-up in the spring is the best way to ensure your AC stays refreshingly cool all summer.

Keep the Air Flowing

Static, stagnant air inside your home can make even moderate days feel oppressive. Conversely, free-flowing air helps you stay refreshed and keeps you feeling even cooler. You can use this to your advantage by employing fans to give your air conditioner a serious boost. Turning on ceiling fans in any rooms you’re occupying will make you more comfortable without consuming more energy. You can also use standing fans to distribute conditioned air and eliminate pesky warm spots.

Throw Some Shade

You’ve probably noticed that standing in the Bonita Springs summer sun can make you feel pretty hot. Not surprisingly, baking in solar radiation all day can make your air conditioner rather warm as well. This leaves it less efficient and less able to cool your home effectively. Simply keeping your outdoor unit away from the sun can boost its performance by 10% or more. You can do this by providing some shade – perhaps planting trees nearby. However, take care not to block the unit’s airflow.

It sounds too good to be true, but it really is possible to stay cooler without cranking up the AC. Try employing these simple tips to help you beat the heat more effectively this summer. If you’re still having trouble staying cool, consider Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration’s AC replacement services or call (239) 785-2149.

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