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How the Trane® QF130V Inline Ventilator Saves Energy and Improves IAQ

Inline ventilators are great additions for saving energy and improving the air quality inside your Fort Myers, FL home during hot and humid summers. The Trane QF130V inline ventilator increases airflow and renews stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. Read on to find out how this inline ventilator works to save energy and improve your indoor air quality.

What Is an Inline Ventilator?

An inline ventilator, such as those made by Trane, is a part of a heating and cooling system. The ventilator boosts energy efficiency by removing excess moisture from your house, so you’re not wasting energy heating or cooling water vapor. A ventilator can help improve indoor air quality by delivering air that’s cleaner than typical outside air.

How Does an Inline Ventilator Work?

The QF130V ventilator has a fan that sucks in stale air through your HVAC ductwork. It then forces that air out of your vents throughout the house. The QF130V’s sensors are interior-mounted, allowing the installer to set it up per the ventilating standards and your individual preferences, based on whether you prefer humid, hot, cold or dry air intake.

Why Choose Trane?

HVAC products significantly improve your comfort levels inside your home and reduce how much you spend on monthly energy bills. Trane inline ventilators are built to provide quiet service and ensure durability.

We can quote you a price based on your location and other factors. After your purchase, you’ll receive a user manual to learn more about the product. You can also protect your inline ventilator with a warranty.

Since 2002, we have been the leading AC service company in Fort Myers, FL. Locally owned and operated, our customer service is of the highest quality to meet your needs. Give us a call at Spectrum Air Conditioning for all your AC service needs.

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