Would you like to save money on the energy bills in your Cape Coral, Florida, home? Do you find you have rooms in the house that are either too hot or too cold? Then consider having an HVAC zoning system installed. Let’s look at how HVAC zoning can help reduce your energy bills as well as increase the comfort level of your home.

Set the Temperature Individually

With a traditional HVAC system, there is one central thermostat that controls the temperature of the entire house. Conditioned air gets delivered throughout the house via the ductwork and the temperature is the same for every room. Generally, not everyone in the household can agree on the same temperature, as some people like the room either warmer or cooler.

With a zoned system, each area or room has its own smart thermostat that works with dampers installed in the ductwork. Each comfort control sends a signal to the dampers to open and close only when needed. You can save money by not overheating or overcooling each room, and everyone can stay comfortable.

Only Heat or Cool Rooms in Use

When you have rooms that nobody is using, like a guest room, you can save money with a zoned system by using the thermostat in that room to set the temperature to a higher or lower level than the rest of the house. Once the room is in use again, adjust the temperature for that room to a more comfortable level.

Increases HVAC Efficiency

With HVAC zoning the system doesn’t have to work constantly trying to heat or cool your home. The efficiency of the system is higher because it doesn’t use nearly as much energy. You will save money on your energy bills as well as on repair bills. In addition, a well-maintained zoned system will last longer, helping to extend the lifespan of your investment.

Give our professional team at Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Inc. a call to learn more about HVAC zoning and to have your HVAC system maintained. You can reach us at (239) 785-2149.

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