High Humidity in Your House?

Like most Cape Coral, FL, residents, you seek relief inside your home when humidity levels start to spike. Sometimes, however, it seems like there’s no difference between the humidity inside and outside your home. If you’re wondering why your house feels humid, here are three possible reasons.

Oversized Heat Pump

A frequent cause of high humidity levels is a miscalculation in heat pump sizing. If your heat pump is too large for your Cape Coral home, it falls victim to short cycling. Short cycling occurs when your AC unit cools your home quickly and then shuts off, only to turn on again a short time later. This frequent on-off cycle doesn’t allow your heat pump to run long enough to dehumidify your home properly.

Negative Air Pressure

Heat pump effectiveness relies on proper airflow. Air balancing is the art of ensuring that the right amount of air reaches each room. A negative air pressure means that your ventilation system is being choked off somewhere or expelling too much air to the outside. As a result, outside air gets drawn into your home. When that outside air is 70% humidity, you’re drawing that humidity into your home, and your heat pump cannot compensate.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil in your heat pump is the component that removes heat and moisture from the air. If the coil ices over, it cannot properly do its job of cooling and dehumidifying your home. Several things can cause a frozen coil:

High humidity in your Cape Coral home is uncomfortable, but it can also trigger health issues related to mold or other bacteria. Regular maintenance reduces the health and comfort risks of high humidity. To learn what we include in our service agreements, check out the maintenance services we offer at Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Inc. or call (239) 785-2149.

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