4 Tips for Improving Air Quality for the Elderly in Collier County, FL

A caring family member should always be willing to give their elderly loved one the best life possible, including good air quality. While air quality might seem like one of those things that can go unnoticed, everyone needs to ensure their air is clean and healthy. Here are some tips to improve air quality for your senior relatives in Collier County, FL.

1. Lose the Cheap Air Purifiers

A good-quality, effective, and easy-to-use purifier can run for $100 or more. There are also air purifiers that can be attached to your HVAC system that will purify your whole home. In addition to the cost of buying good quality, an air purifier can show significant IAQ improvement in just a few hours. Cheaper air purifiers can be dangerous to use and often fail within a short time.

Many of them are not built well enough to run efficiently, and most do not clean the air in a way that benefits you or your loved ones. This is especially the case if pets or anyone with respiratory issues live in the home.

2. Monitor

Frequent monitoring is essential to act quickly when air quality needs to be corrected. This type of monitoring is not just good practice when you have a loved one with respiratory problems but also aids in ensuring the air quality in your home doesn’t drop. Home air monitors are easily accessible and available for purchase.

3. Maintenance

To ensure the highest air quality for your loved one, it is a good idea regularly replace your air filter. This will help reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air that can damage their lungs. Air filters should be replaced every one to three months.

Routine maintenance on your HVAC system will also lessen the number of dirt particles in your air. Regular duct cleaning will catch pollutants even before they travel to the air filter.

4. Disinfect

Keeping germs out of the air is vital to maintaining your loved one’s health. Cleaning often helps keep dust particles at bay. Seniors are particularly at risk if they already have respiratory or cardiovascular issues.

We offer air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance to improve your air quality. Call Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Inc., Collier County’s leading air conditioning company, for the best air quality products and services and maintenance for your HVAC system.

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