4 Signs You Need to Schedule Duct Cleaning in Cape Coral, FL

Air ducts are essential in your home because they transport conditioned air. Dirty or clogged ducts impact your indoor air quality and reduce the effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems. Here are the five biggest signs that your Cape Coral, FL home is in need of duct cleaning.

Bad Odors

While you might suspect specific areas and rooms when you detect bad odors, those smells might be coming from your ductwork. Dirty or clogged ducts often smell like old socks because of the allergens, pet hair and other particles lodged inside them. Beyond smelling bad, dirty air ducts can negatively impact your indoor air quality.

Visible Airborne Particles

Even with the sunlight streaming through your windows, you shouldn’t see particles in the air, especially coming out of your ducts. If particles come out of the ducts when you turn on the AC or you see a puff of what looks like smoke, you need duct cleaning. Those particles come from the buildup of dust inside the ducts.

Health Issues

Pay attention to any sudden health issues, especially new or worsening symptoms. When your ducts are dirty, it can affect your breathing. Kids, the elderly and those with other conditions are more susceptible to the debris and particles coming from the ducts.


Any debris lodged in your ducts can attract bugs that include flies, mice and other rodents, leading to an infestation. If you had an infestation in the past, their droppings can settle in the ducts, too. You must let an exterminator treat your whole home and then clean the ducts.

Get Duct Cleaning Done Right

The signs you need the ducts in your Cape Coral, FL home cleaned include visible particles in the air, an increase of health issues, bad odors and rodent or insect infestations. At the first sign, contact Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration for residential duct cleaning.

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