3 Signs Your HVAC System is Leaking

The heating and cooling system inside your Bonita Springs, Florida, home contains several critical components. These include the outside compressor, an indoor air-handling unit, vents and registers throughout the home, as well as ducts that run between the floors (in a multiple-story home) and through the attic space.  If the ductwork is leaking air, you may notice warning signs, such as uneven airflow, increasing bills, or poor indoor air quality. Watch for these warning signs to avoid poor efficiency and other issues in your home’s HVAC system.

Uneven Airflow Through HVAC System

Since the ducts allow air to flow from the heating or cooling system to the vents for distribution, a leak in one of these ducts can cause uneven airflow. You may notice hot or cold spots in your home, which can be very uncomfortable. Other factors can lead to hot and cold spots as well, such as direct sunlight coming into one room that heats the space or a poorly balanced HVAC system. However, if you notice air coming through some vents more forcefully than others, the ductwork is likely the problem.

Increasing Bills

No one wants to worry about rapidly rising energy bills, but they’re an unfortunate side effect of air leaks. When your system runs, it uses energy to heat or cool the air and distribute it throughout the rooms of the house. If air is leaking through a gap in the ductwork, the system has to work harder and use more energy to continue to move air. As a result, your bills will go up, even if you haven’t altered the settings or schedule on your thermostat.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

An increase in dust within your home can impact the quality of the air you breathe, and it’s another warning sign of duct problems. Rarely accessed areas of your home, such as the basement or attic, tend to have more dust. When your ductwork is leaking, it will often pull air from these spaces, causing more dust to move throughout the bedrooms and living areas.

If you’re concerned about air leaks in your HVAC ductwork, contact our team at Spectrum Air Conditioning by calling (239) 785-2149.

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