You count on your heat pump to keep the Lee County, FL, temperatures at bay and provide a comfortable climate inside your home. If your heat pump fails or isn’t working efficiently, it can end up costing you time and money, not to mention an uncomfortable rise in your home’s temperature. If you are experiencing issues, follow these troubleshooting principles to determine when to call in the pros.

Check the Thermostat

The best place to look first is at the thermostat. Check to make sure that the thermostat is set correctly. If it is, there could be an electrical or calibration issue, both of which require professional service.

Check the Heat Pump Filter

If you’re experiencing issues with your heat pump, the filter is also one of the first places to check. Dirty filters cause a range of issues, from inefficiency to short cycling, a condition that results in extra energy usage and reduced life of your HVAC system.

Check the Condenser

If your air handler is running but doesn’t seem to be producing cold air, the cause may be a frozen condenser. Your condenser is the unit outside your home. If the coils are full of ice, you should contact a licensed professional for a repair call to get it working again.

Check the Reversing Valve

The reversing valve is the part that switches your heat pump from heating your home to cooling it. If your HVAC system is running but producing heat when the thermostat is set to cool or vice versa, it’s most likely a broken reversing valve. Call a technician to replace your valve, and your home will be comfortable once again.

If you’re experiencing issues with your heat pump, a delay can end up costing you more money in repair bills. Reach out to Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today for HVAC maintenance.

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