Our AC Tune-Up Will Keep You Cool This Summer

Summers in North Fort Myers, FL, are long, hot, and humid, and your air conditioner provides relief from the heat and humidity. To ensure that your air conditioner operates efficiently and effectively, our technicians recommend a springtime AC tune-up. Find out how our air conditioning maintenance services lower your utility bills, prevent costly AC repairs and make your home more comfortable.

Identify Small Issues Now

Our thorough technicians inspect every wire, hose and mechanical part of your air conditioning system. We check for signs of wear and tear, cracks and other damage. By identifying small problems now, we prevent unexpected AC breakdowns later in the summer. The Indoor Air Quality Association states that 95 percent of air conditioning breakdowns can be prevented with regular tune-ups. Fixing issues while they’re small also saves you a lot of money on AC repairs or the premature replacement of your air conditioning system.

Adjust and Calibrate Equipment

During an AC tune-up, we adjust and calibrate the air handler, blower, motor and fan. This improves the air conditioner’s energy efficiency and lowers your utility costs. Proper adjustment and calibration of your air conditioner also ensures a more consistent temperature and optimal air flow throughout your home.

Replace Air Filter and Clean Parts

Dirty air filters obstruct the flow of cooled air into your living spaces. We also clean other parts, including the coils, fins and fan blades. Keeping them clean facilitates heat exchange with the outdoor air and improves the system’s energy efficiency. The AC maintenance visit includes adjusting ducts and vents, ensuring more even distribution of cooled air through your home. Our technicians clean and sanitize the condensate line, removing muck that could cause an obstruction. This drain line allows your system to eliminate condensed moisture from the indoor air to the outside of your home.

For more tips on how our cost-effective AC tune-up will help you stay comfortable this summer, check out Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration’s AC maintenance services, or call us today.

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