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Is It Time For A New HVAC System in Cape Coral, FL?

Nothing contributes to excellent air quality and comfort more than your home’s HVAC system. A high-efficiency heating and cooling system is crucial for the hot weather that’s arriving soon. Here are four signs that you may need a new HVAC system..

Additional Space

HVAC service techs install air conditioning systems that suit the square footage of your home. If you recently added space to your house, upgrading your current heating and cooling system may be needed. Smaller heating and cooling systems have less cooling capacity, and they might fail to provide enough air conditioning.

A larger and more powerful heating and cooling system will meet your house’s new air conditioning requirements. Purchasing the best AC size to fit your new indoor space requires professional knowledge and expertise. An HVAC specialist can perform the necessary load calculations to determine the HVAC size and capacity you need.

Hot and Cold Spots

Hot and cold spots occur when your cooling system cannot regulate temperatures efficiently. Temperature variances are a nuisance when one room remains too warm while another is always too cool.

A new HVAC system is more effective for providing steady temperature control in your entire house. Maintaining your new system will improve airflow and regulation of indoor humidity levels.

Frequent Repairs on Existing HVAC System

If you have to schedule emergency repair services at least twice every season, it’s probably time you ditched your existing HVAC system. Multiple emergency repairs are quite costly in the long run. Despite being a hefty investment, replacing your cooling system is more cost-effective than frequently paying for repair services.

Skyrocketing Bills Due to Old HVAC System

Energy bills that keep going up are another sign that your system is continually losing efficiency. Old age and improper maintenance are among the major reasons for inefficient cooling. Buying a new HVAC system will lower your spring and summer utility bills.

Contact our team at Spectrum Air Conditioning for top-notch AC replacement. We also offer exceptional repairs and maintenance to enhance your household’s comfort.

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