3 Reasons a Smart Thermostat Is Worth the Investment

A smart thermostat is an expense that you may think twice about. But this is a wise investment because a smart thermostat can save you money every month while making your North Fort Myers, FL, home more comfortable. Here are three reasons why a smart thermostat is worth the money.

1. A Smart Thermostat Doesn’t Forget to Turn Off the Air Conditioner

If you are going to be away from your home for more than a few hours, there’s no reason to keep your home the same temperature as if you were home. But it can be hard to remember to adjust the thermostat every day, leaving your air conditioner to cool an empty house.

Smart thermostats can be programmed to turn the temperature up and down based on when you will be home. Some more advanced thermostat models can even learn from your behavior when to adjust the temperature and do so automatically. And for the days that you’re going to be home early, most smart thermostats are accessible from your phone, allowing you to change the temperature wherever you are.

2. They Account for More Than Just Temperature

Old thermostats only have one setting: the temperature of the room. But temperature is just one part of comfort. A 75-degree room with 30% humidity feels a lot different than with 85% humidity.

Some smart thermostats can take into account both temperature and humidity to keep you as comfortable as possible. If you have a humidifier or dehumidifier, the thermostat might be able to control those devices, also.

3. Smart Thermostats Allow You to See Your Energy Use

Most smart thermostats connect to your computer or phone with an app. In the app, you can see reports detailing when your HVAC system was on and how your home’s temperature was affected. This can allow you to spot when your HVAC system may need maintenance, or to move your energy usage to times of the day when energy is less in demand.

While a smart thermostat is more expensive, you should think of it as an investment that will pay you back every day. If you’re interested in learning more about smart thermostats, contact the pros at Spectrum Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

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