• Get the facts from an experienced AC contractor
    Brush up on your general HVAC knowledge by reading the explanation of terms below. Spectrum Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc. gladly offers their master knowledge to our customers, so they may better understand their cooling and refrigeration systems.
  • Air Conditioner
    A system used to cool and dehumidify a space with options of filtration and air purification. An electric heat strip is used for heat.
  • Heat Pump
    A reverse cycle air conditioner unit that will heat or cool using the refrigeration system. A heat pump is more efficient in the heating mode than electric strip heat.
  • SEER
    Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is the rating of how efficient your air conditioner should be if it is installed properly.
  • Tonnage
    The size of your air conditioning system is rated in Tons. One Ton is equal to 12,000 BTU’s (British Thermal Units). Proper sizing is determined by a heat load calculation done on the structure when built.
  • Duct
    Your ductwork is part of your air conveyance system.  It is the part of the system that moves the proper amount of air to the correct places. Proper duct sizing is imperative to cooling and efficiency. If you have warm rooms or high humidity this is one of the factors. It is also common to see a larger system running on half the capacity because of ducts that are too small. This causes excessive run time and high electric bills.
  • Filter
    The filtration system on your AC will trap contaminates that are circulating in the air.
  • MERV
    Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, is a number from 1-16 that is relative to an air filter’s efficiency. The higher the MERV the more efficient the air filter is at removing particles. If you have any questions concerning the above information or about your current AC/refrigeration system, just give us a call.
  • What is AC Maintenance?
    • Maintenance is a normal process of cleaning the coils and drain components of your air conditioner. It is also checked for signs of failure to prevent a costly service call or excessive down time.
  • Why should you maintain your air conditioner?
    • The moist environment in your air conditioner provides the perfect conditions for algae, mildew and other growth. Combined with the hot and humid conditions in Southwest Florida, this growth will thrive without regular maintenance.
    • Lack of maintenance reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner, reduces the air quality and can cause expensive failure of components.
  • Our Air Conditioner Maintenance Agreements cover:
    • Cleaning the coils, drain pan and drain line (not just checking them)
    • Installing anti-clog products
    • Checking the electrical connection and components
    • Lubrication of motors
    • Checking and adjusting the thermostat
    • Checking blower
    • Checking ductwork
    • Checking operation of system
    • Washing or replacing filter
    • With a maintenance agreement you also receive:
      • 15% discount on repairs
      • No overtime rates for nights or weekends
      • 2 complete maintenances, 6 months apart
      • No leak guarantee
      • No service call charge for additional work done at the time of maintenance
      • Routine maintenance that is required by equipment manufactures to maintain warranties and recommended by FPL.

      Our maintenance agreement customers are scheduled on a priority basis so call today to start saving!